Given their print form and the great investment that goes into catalog printing, it is no wonder that some businesses may consider them an outdated form. However, catalogs still provide a great way for businesses to showcase their whole products and convince potential buyers to buy them. When executed properly, catalogs form a powerful marketing resource that is lasting and comprehensive. Here are tips for effectively using catalogs for marketing both in business to business and in niche marketing:

1. The catalog copy

You have to be concise and clear in your copy to get and maintain the readers’ attention. Even better you have to be informative, educational and depending on your business niche, even entertaining. It should contain all the information a buyer needs to make a purchasing decision.

2. The photography used

A catalog should be highly visual and hence the need for the heavy use of quality products. Instead of just placing photos of the products alone, make it entertaining by having stunning photos of people interacting with your products in real life settings.

3. Easy way to make orders

Make it easy for the customers to make orders and enquiries. You can include a toll free telephone number that is easy to remember, a website or a mail in form.

4. Make the catalog adaptable for cross channel marketing

This is important because many businesses are faced with the challenge of choosing between online or printed catalogs. Most people prefer an offline catalog to go through but still they find it convenient to place orders online. Having a catalog that is in print but still has an online version in PDF is the best way to go.

5. Catalog design

The design is what gets people going through your catalog and keeping it or discarding it. From the cover to the inner use of space and images, catalog design is essential to the success of your marketing campaign.

Here are tips to consider when designing your catalog:

  • Ensure you have a consistent use of the brand colors to achieve coherence and a compelling visual look. This consistency should also be maintained in purpose and format to hold through the attention and coherence.
  • Balance the use of images and the descriptive information with the information focused on showing the benefits the reader can get from the product.
  • Page layout is also very crucial as the catalog has to communicate what is being offered at what price and the features it has. It is also important to look at the space allotment and use of white color to avoid cluttering the pages.
  • Readers are not patient to go through endless images looking for what they want. Keep the catalog simple and clean. If it is a lengthy one have an outline section directing where one can get a certain category of products.
  • The cover design should be delightful and offer a glimpse of what to find inside. Consider the catalog like a physical showroom with an elegant entrance and showing the bestsellers at central places they cannot be missed.

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