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One of the most professional things in a networking gathering is the exchange of business cards. However, in the light of the digital revolution, a number of people and companies have downplayed the importance of the cards feeling that these have been replaced by mobile gadgets and emails. Many professionals have pointed out that there are many reasons and benefits of business cards, which has seen their importance remain even in the changing times. The following are the reasons why business cards still matter:

1. Personal exchange
While many point to the use of mobile devices to take contact details, this usually requires the people exchanging the numbers to get to their phones and type each other’s address down. This is usually impersonal and ends up creating a moment of awkwardness. Business cards on the other hand are very personal and swift without interrupting the flow of conversation and you do not end up sounding monotonous to the subsequent people you meet especially at a major event where you may need to get several contacts.

2. Mark of professionalism
When it comes to sending the right message to those you are interacting with, then a business card certainly boosts matters. With a professionally done business card of good quality you come off as a reputable professional with respect to your industry and it in a way backs up what you are saying. This is totally different from just exchanging phone numbers and email addresses on the phone. First impression is important for chances of creating a follow up and having a business card helps.

3. More convenient
A business card allows for convenience on several levels. Firstly, many in business events have only their personal phones on. As such they may not be at ease sharing this information at a first meeting. Email addresses are not as effective as a phone number and mostly are used when you have already established a connection hence the need for a business card, which contains contacts the owner is comfortable sharing with anyone. When in a hurry, all you may have time for is exchanging cards and not taking down numbers of everyone you meet.

4. Effectiveness
In terms of effectiveness the business card remains the leader. It can work in any place and with anyone as it has a long tradition even in places where phones are restricted by regulation or technical issues. It also communicates who you are and your company and the name which are details that one can forget and have problems when trying to establish contact. It’s also easily accessible and even when not used immediately still occupies a place with other business cards and future connection and recall is possible.

5. Brand awareness
The bigger role for the use of a business card is brand awareness. For those looking for new business leads and partnerships a business card allows a chance to show a bit of your brand and with the right design you can make the most of it.

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