Top Tips for Designing Catalogs and How to Use Them for Marketing

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Given their print form and the great investment that goes into catalog printing, it is no wonder that some businesses may consider them an outdated form. However, catalogs still provide a great way for businesses to showcase their whole products and convince potential buyers to buy them. When executed properly, catalogs form a powerful marketing resource that is lasting and comprehensive. Here are tips for effectively using catalogs for marketing both in business to business and in niche marketing: Read More

Tips for Creating an Effective Restaurant Menu

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An effective menu is not just a list of dishes served at your restaurant. When approached this way, your menu has a way of throwing off customers and denying your establishment the chance to showcase your favorite dishes and communicate your brand. A menu is an extension of your marketing resources and communicates your brand in a powerful way. When used effectively, it can lead to increased sales for your top dishes as well as the pricey ones and have patrons coming back to sample other appetizing dishes. Here are a couple of tips on how to design and structure your menu from the layout to the content: Read More

5 Tips for Making Flyers an Effective Tool for Marketing Campaigns

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Even with the advent of social media as an effective marketing tool especially when on a budget, flyers have still retained their spot as a reliable way to quickly get through to the targeted audience and have desired results. They are especially effective when it comes to promoting special events like sales, opening of a new store, a concert and new product launches among others. There are several reasons why many people love using flyers:

Among the reasons flyers are loved is because of their affordability in terms of production, the space they offer for putting in enough details and the fact that they can reach the audience through a range of ways. You can get flyers delivered through door to door mail drops, newspaper inserts, street distribution and in store distribution. The other advantage of using flyers is that they are tangible giving your customers something they can hold onto and scan through. It also provides more space for you to get creative thus driving your message home. Read More

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The Importance of Business Cards and Why They Still Matter

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One of the most professional things in a networking gathering is the exchange of business cards. However, in the light of the digital revolution, a number of people and companies have downplayed the importance of the cards feeling that these have been replaced by mobile gadgets and emails. Many professionals have pointed out that there are many reasons and benefits of business cards, which has seen their importance remain even in the changing times. The following are the reasons why business cards still matter:

1. Personal exchange
While many point to the use of mobile devices to take contact details, this usually requires the people exchanging the numbers to get to their phones and type each other’s address down. This is usually impersonal and ends up creating a moment of awkwardness. Business cards on the other hand are very personal and swift without interrupting the flow of conversation and you do not end up sounding monotonous to the subsequent people you meet especially at a major event where you may need to get several contacts. Read More