Even with the advent of social media as an effective marketing tool especially when on a budget, flyers have still retained their spot as a reliable way to quickly get through to the targeted audience and have desired results. They are especially effective when it comes to promoting special events like sales, opening of a new store, a concert and new product launches among others. There are several reasons why many people love using flyers:

Among the reasons flyers are loved is because of their affordability in terms of production, the space they offer for putting in enough details and the fact that they can reach the audience through a range of ways. You can get flyers delivered through door to door mail drops, newspaper inserts, street distribution and in store distribution. The other advantage of using flyers is that they are tangible giving your customers something they can hold onto and scan through. It also provides more space for you to get creative thus driving your message home.

To cash in on these advantages, here are tips to make flyers more effective as a marketing and promotional tool:

  1. Organize the information you want to convey

This is the first step. The information should be coherent and flowing in a comprehensible order. Align the text and content from left to right top to bottom with coherence throughout the copy and the images used. This way you can clearly lead the reader to the conversion point.

  1. List the benefits the consumer/reader is going to get

The flyer needs to answer to the question, ‘what’s in it for me?’ asked by the customer. To do this you need to list all the benefits to the customer giving them a reason to choose you. At least five benefits should do; especially those unique to your product, service or brand.

  1. Be brief and concise

Less is better when using the flyer. Most people will receive them while in a hurry or while transitioning to something else. Once you get their attention to open the flyer you want to use the short time they will spend scanning to fill them with the main details and convince them to attend or purchase the product. Provide contacts you can be reached on for more information.

  1. Catchy headline and first page

Your title and the front page are what gets the customer going through the rest of the material. Get a short and catchy title that conveys what the title is all about in a clear way. The design of the cover page should be appealing and matching the title in promise.

  1. Offer something to the customer

Do not make the flyer just about your brand and the future benefits. Offer something immediate to the customer as a way of adding value to the flyer and creating urgency. You can do this through promotional codes or a voucher at the bottom. This will also help you in measuring the impact of the flyer.

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